This blog is at Sir's request...I'm an owned slave, Australian, female, clumsy, crazy, use my gray matter somewhat, loud, opinionated, stubborn and laugh...a lot, feel free to call me Doll. I like various things...Psychobilly/rockabilly, candy, bows, Harley Quinn, Mopar, the color red, tattoos, bobber motorcycles, cupcakes, horror, female lips, Roller Derby, Red Riding Hood, shoes, naughty things, lollypops, Hemi, art, books, funny stuff, baking, Star Wars, Stormtroopers, fishnets, zombies, music, MMORPGs (I play Aion - Panadoll/Spermicidoll/Genocidoll/Paranoidoll/Vandoll/Scandoll/Suicidoll/Homicidoll/Piddoll and Cherripop), comics, cartoons, junk food, latex, hair anything, drawing and painting and BDSM. This blog is just things that catch my eye, no matter how minute, random stuff about me, a little of our journey together and hopefully make some new friends as I'm new to the USA. I'm still new to the whole tumblr thingy and knowing my clumsy ways, am doing it wrong...sorry! This blog is NSFW. 18 years old and older please. Everything is either re-blogged or found on the internet, some will be my personal photos, if you would like me to remove your photo, I apologize and no offense meant, please email me and I'll take it down! Cheers : )